Building Solutions
Enhanced Services

Technical Criteria

Service Description:
Every design-build project needs a clear and defined project scope to achieve the owner’s programmatic objectives within the budgetary constraints.  Our services offer the development of these documents with the owner early and prior to issuance of the design-build RFQ and RFP. The Project Criteria Documents will include the following:

  • Project Scope Description
  • Project Room Data Sheets
  • Space Relationship and Adjacency Diagrams
  • Conceptual Site Scope Definition
  • Conceptual Massing and Building Character Definition
  • Conceptual Project Budget Cost
  • Additional Services: Site Survey, Prelim Soil Investigation
  • Report and other specialized services required for the project scope definition

We also offer additional services beyond Project Criteria Documents.  The following are additional services also available to insure project success:

  • Assist the owner in the issuance of the design-build RFQ and RFP
  • Assist the owner in RFQ and RFP submission and evaluation process
  • Review design-builder’s proposed design and construction documents
  • Assist the owner in submittals and shop drawing reviews
  • Provide periodic construction observations

Project Experience:

  • Long Bridge Aquatic and Fitness Facility, Arlington, VA
  • Jet Aviation/Gulfstream Terminal and Service Centers, Van Nuys Airport, Los Angeles, CA

System Wide Analysis

Service Description:
Purpose: Often Municipal Government Agencies and Universities must make long term decisions regarding:

  • Community Responsiveness
  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Effectiveness

Strategy: Our strategy is to provide the widest perspective from which to make strategic decisions. We seek to optimize Space Capabilities / Capital Investments / Financial Performance.

Process: We develop a Strategic Value Analysis composed of key development outcomes: Facility Condition Analysis, Facility Program Analysis, Current and Projected Market Analysis, Financial Analysis.

Outcomes include:

  • Identification of site specific market conditions
  • Development of Facility Condition Assessments
  • Development of site specific building programs
  • Development of multiple financial projections
  • Strategic development recommendations

Project Experience:

  • M-NCPPC Aquatic Facilities Assessment, Prince George’s County, MD
  • Alexandria Public Schools, Alexandria, VA
  • Fairfax County Park Authority Systems Wide Facility Assessments and Study, Fairfax, VA
  • City of Alexandria Strategic Facility Assessment and Study, Alexandria, VA

Bridging Documents

Service Description:
Our Bridging Services ensure design quality and building functionality for the design-build method of project delivery. It is also an opportunity for owners to competitively bid design-build construction services with confidence.

Bridging services literally act as a “bridge” between architectural design services and expedited design-build construction services. You engage a bridging services specialist for conceptual design and bridging document services, and then use those documents to competitively engage a design-build team to for the construction of your facility.

Hughes Group Architects specializes in providing bridging services to facility developers. This is a “highest/best use” of our talents and energies to achieve the desired level of design quality and quality control.

Project Experience:

  • Kennesaw State University Student Recreation and Activities Center, Kennesaw, GA
  • DC Public Schools: J.O. Wilson ES, Tyler ES, Wheatley ES, Langdon ES, Stuart Hobson MS, MLK ES and Turner ES

Design Build Partners

Service Description:
Finding the right design partner for a project can be daunting task for design-builders. Our design team can facilitate the design-build process with our extensive experience in particular building types such as sports and recreation, public safety centers, and K-12 schools. Our team is flexible and adaptable to the design-builder’s approach and meeting the project objectives. We can work with other subcontractors early in the design process to get the right value for the project. If the preference is to have MEP subcontractors do the design and documentation, we can use our engineering team to establish the design criteria and validate their design work and documentation.

We offer the following services:

  • Project Criteria/ Program Validation
  • Full A/E Services and Other Specialty Services (Food Services, A/V and Acoustics, Aquatics Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Etc.)
  • BIM Clash Detection
  • Rendering, Animation, and Virtual Reality
  • Community Engagement: Workshops/Meetings

Project Experience:

  • SAARC, Prince Georges County, MD (Coakley Williams Construction)
  • Gulfstream Service Facility, Savannah, GA (EE Reed Construction)
  • DC Public Schools:
    • J.O. Wilson Elementary School (Turner Construction)
    • Tyler Elementary School (Brougton Construction)
    • Wheatley Elementary School (Segal Construction)
    • Langdon Elementary School (MCN Construction)
    • Stuart-Hobson Middle School (Whiting Turner Construction and Brougton Construction)
    • Martin Luther King Elementary School (Broughton Construction)
    • Turner Elementary School (Whiting Turner Construction)