Langston Hughes



Langston Hughes
Middle School

Langston Hughes Middle School is receiving a complete renovation and expansion. Originally constructed in 1979, the newly expanded school will serve 1,250 students. The improvement program is a phased, occupied construction project spanning 5 phases and 3 years. Construction is estimated to be completed in 2021.

The project includes a central court called the “Hall of Nations”. This is a collaborative space that is highly flexible to serve as an auditorium, a classroom, or a breakout space. The project also includes full kitchen renovation, servery redesign, and renovation of the cafeteria. The unique food service redesign will provide fresh foods to students and expand the cafeteria reducing the number of lunch periods, provide greater connection to nature with a new dining courtyard, and provide a vibrant environment that highlights the global connections of food through our world.

Langston Hughes Middle School is designed to meet VA-CHPS criteria, which is a a state-specific benchmark system for the design and construction of high performance school buildings in Virginia. VA-CHPS serves as a guide for developing energy efficient, comfortable, environmentally responsible, and healthy spaces of learning.

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Reston, VA
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